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Road Warrior Arts also offers many types of natural, handmade soaps with various soap bases and other natural ingredients. Inherent in the handmade process are natural imperfections and weights are approximate. 

Different soaps are offered at different times. If you would like a soap that is not currently listed, let us know and we can contact you when it's available. Special orders and special occasion soaps are also available upon request! Use the contact form to start the process.

Free shipping on orders of 6 or more bars! Otherwise we offer flat rate $5 USPS shipping.

Soaps that are usually in stock
Approximately 3-4oz each
$6 each 

Paw Print soaps are smaller and come in a pack of 2 (colors vary)

Special orders and special occasion soaps (birthday, weddings,new baby reveal / announcements, etc.) are available in 6 bar lots.

For Special Orders choose your base, your color, other ingredients (like exfoliates) and essential oils (or what you would like to experience - calming, stimulating, anti-aging) and we'll blend it up for you!

Most Colors Are Available in Vibrant, Matte or Shimmer

Soap Bases
- Clear Glycerin
- White Base
- Goat Milk (White)
- Shea Butter (White)
- Hemp (Clear Green)
- Aloe (Clear)
- Honey (Clear Yellow)

- Flowers (Lavender, Marigold, Rose, Chrysanthemum)
- Oatmeal
- Loofa
- Ground Coffee

CPTG Essential Oils
- Lavender
- Citrus (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Bergamot, Lemongrass)
- Rosemary
- Ginger
- Sea Breeze Blend
- Invigorating Blend
- Relaxation Blend
- Protection Blend
- Detox Blend

We can make lots more blends and have MANY more scents!

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In Stock Items $6 each + $5 flat shipping fee (Free shipping on orders of 6 or more)

For Special Occasion and Special Orders I'll contact you for details